Historical memory is one of the main features of culture of the people. Unfortunately, the value of Ukrainian historical roots was distorted and depreciated while Ukraine was in part of Soviet Union. As a result, the historical memory of most Ukrainians rarely reaches more than three generations. We can still remember something or find some information about our grandparents, but the knowledge about our ancestors is limited. However, Ukrainians are a nation, that has a rich history with difficult social and ethnic structure which has been formed for centuries.

So the discovery of our origins may become a real revelation for us. After all, many modern Ukrainians are descendants of Ukrainian or Polish nobility (eg. families with such a common name as Terletski or Yavorski), gentry or the Cossacks.

The history of many peasant families can be easily investigated till the middle of the 18th century. The investigation of family history or genealogical tree may serve as a special gift for significant events - the birth of a new family member, weddings, the anniversary, etc.

Our indisputable advantage is that the research works on the history of your family will be performed by experts in history field, employees from higher educational institutions with scientific degrees who have many years of experience working in archives and libraries in Ukraine and abroad. We can work with lots of documents from different historical periods, written in Latin, Polish, or Old Slavonic. Here you can order the genealogy of family or learn about your ancestry.