If you have visited our site, you are most likely looking for ancestors who come from the territory of modern Ukraine. We all know that the process of powerful migration of people from Eastern Europe began in second half of the 19th century - Ukrainians, Poles, Jews, Russians, who went seeking for a better life in Western Europe, overseas to the USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia and to the east in Russia. Documents stored in Ukrainian archives will help to shed light on the history and genealogy of your ancestors before their emigration. To start the research, it is enough to know where exactly they lived before moving abroad.

My name is Yaroslav Lyseyko and I’m a Ph.D. candidate in history, a professional historian with over 10 years of experience with genealogical researches.

Together with my colleagues we accumulated considerable experience in working with historical sources and have a portfolio that consists of hundreds of successful cases. We will perform a professional research of genealogy, study the genealogy of the family, build a genealogical tree of your ancestors from Ukraine. We are located Lviv, Ukraine and have a direct access to archives all over Ukraine and our specialists are well versed in the specifics of local documents. We value trust and cooperation with our clients who mostly come from Ukraine, the United States, Canada, UK and other countries.

The basic package that we offer consists of a comprehensive genealogical study, reconstruction of a family history. You can get acquainted with organizational process, the details of genealogical research and with the final product in the corresponding section of our website. Please feel free to reach out with any questions via contacts that you can find on the top of the site.  

Genealogy research is a truly fascinating and intriguing process. Together we will return your ancestors from the oblivion and solve family secrets. We will also get acquainted with the peculiarities of the life of your ancestors, their values and ideas about family, work and the country. We do not need a time machine for this - the most important thing to start is to find the necessary documents and ask the right questions, and then they will tell us everything themselves.