A person's last name is the key to family history. It can encode important information about the family, its social status in the past, place of origin, occupation, physical and psychological characteristics of the founder of the family. Our team of historians and philologists conduct professional studies of the genealogy of families from Ukraine, Central and Eastern Europe. Here you can order qualified analysis of the history and origin of the surname.

Do your ancestors come from Ukraine or other countries of Central and Eastern Europe? Make a unique gift for yourself or your loved ones and order a historical certificate of the origin of the family name. You will obtain a valuable scientific and educational product, not a cheap version from the Internet. Your certificate will include the following:

  • analysis of the original meaning of the surname at the time of its appearance;
  • definition of how your surname was formed, its evolution and word formation;
  • the approximate time when the surname was established;
  • ancient documents where the bearers of this surname were mentioned (if such can be found);
  • surname distribution map (of modern Ukraine) and the approximate number of the surname holders;
  • links to used sources.

The volume of research certificate is from 1 to 3 pages. You will get it both in English and Ukrainian.

You can get acquainted with the sample of the certificate of origin of a surname here:


The cost of a certificate of surname history is $ 49 and will be implemented within 10 days.

If desired, a certificate of origin of the name can be issued in the form of a gift tablet (album), artistically designed using appropriate materials. It can be delivered by DHL to the most countries around the world, including the United States, Canada and Europe. The cost of the certificate with artistically designed in the form of a gift tablet - 149 dollars. (without shipping costs). Production time - up to 20 days (without delivery time).

To place an order or get a consultation, write to us here