Interest in history is a useful activity that allows you to expand the horizons of your own knowledge or simply forget about everyday problems. The knowledge of the past of Ukraine or the history of other countries and peoples allows us to take into account the experience of others and the experience of past generations when building a strategy for the development of the state, society and even a single individual. No less interesting is the study of the history of the development of individual outstanding personalities, companies or firms.

The problems of Ukrainian history become especially relevant against the backdrop of the events that have been taking place in our country in recent years. Today it is quite obvious that ignorance of its history creates a fertile ground for the work of enemy propaganda, the cultivation of historical myths, distortion of facts.

We will help you re-open the world of the past, draw your attention to interesting issues of Ukrainian and world history, and we will present the traditional history of Ukraine with non-standard accents. Our specialists have a rich experience of teaching in the best universities in Ukraine, which makes it possible to interest any audience and involve it in the world of historical upheavals.

We offer public lectures and seminars on historical topics:- History of Ukraine- History of Ukrainian Culture- Narrow-profile historical themes on an individual request.