We provide services for the professional translation of old manuscripts and old printed ones from Polish and Latin languages. Our researchers have the skills of translating and reading documents of various character of the XIV-XX centuries.We will help you to read old documents correctly, including in Ukrainian. Metric books written in Ukrainian are not always readable, especially if they were created before 1945. We will help you quickly find the information you need in the source and read it correctly.We render assistance to researchers when translating documents of the 14th-20th centuries.

Example of translation:

Fragment of the document 1601 р. - an excerpt from a letter from Bishop Kirill Terletsky to the Patriarch of Alexandria Meletius


… not afraid. Eastern pastors, in a terrible court hear Judge: "I was thirsty, but you did not give me a drink, I was hungry - and did not give me food." Entrusted to you sheep instead of saving drink - give bile, instead of eating, you give the poison of evil science. Only now on my shoulders is worthy to bear the reign of a bishop, after the Roman capital laid on my head. Only now do I properly respect church shrines when I received the proper strength from the high priest. Unfortunately, near Greece I was only a mercenary, and near Rome I became a shepherd. God and the Lord I did not anger, because I fulfilled His will, on the side of the militant Church. Becoming an apostle of Russia, leaving for perpetual humiliation the apostasy of Greece. I no longer come to the curse of the hypocrites, only God bless, to whom I will treat David: "they will say evil, but you give them a blessing, (those) who rise up against me, let them be disgraced, and your servant shall rejoice" . I have the hope that according to Elesiasi Spansky: "He who slanders, blackens his soul and will be in disgrace, and whoever is with him, just as he will be humiliated". Soon expect the curse of God ...